Dr Splichal approaches every patient with a deep appreciation that the human foot is the only contact point between the body and the ground. This means that the foot is involved in all aspects of human movement and is a critical piece of movement dysfunction, proximal joint pain and neuromuscular coordination.

During your evaluation with Dr Splichal you will be assessed throughout a series of functional movements including walking, squating, step downs,
plus more. Combining her keen eye for movement dysfunction with computerized gait assessment and high speed cameras all patients are put
through one of the most comprehensive from the ground up movement screens.

All patients pain or compensation patterns - whether it be in the foot, knee, hip or lower back - will be evaluated for it's integration with optimal foot function. This means that all patients will be receiving treatment programming that is integrative in nature and includes Dr Splichal's foot to core sequencing, reflexive stabilization, diaphragm and pelvic floor strengthening and barefoot activation.

Dr Splichal has extensive experience treating many lower extremity and orthopedic conditions including but is not limited to:

  • Acute & chronic plantar fasciitis(osis)
  • Acute & chronic Achilles tendinitis(osis)
  • Acute & chronic Posterior Tibial tendinitis(osis)
  • Acute & chronic plantar plate tears
  • Stress fractures & shin splints
  • Runner's knee & IT band syndrome
  • Hip labrum tears & groin pain
  • Chronic foot fatigue & inability to stand prolonged periods