When treating patients Dr Splichal combines her passions for human movement and anti-aging medicine into a concept called movement longevity.  Through the science of regenerative medicine Dr Splichal offers alternative treatments such as IV vitamin influsions, vitamin supplementation, nutritional assessments, dry needling and accupuncture, whole body vibration and stem cell therapy. 

Patients can feel confident knowing that they are receiving all possible treatment options which can help alleviate their pain or correct their
movement dysfunction. For those with chronic soft tissue injury such as Achilles tendinosis or plantar fasciosis Dr Splichal offers amniotic stem cell injections (AmnioFix).

What is an Amniotic Membrane Injection (AmnioFix)?

AmnioFix is an all-natural injection therapy designed for soft tissue injuries in the foot and ankle. AmnioFix is based on the science of stem cell therapy and is developed through the amniotic membrane tissue of donated placenta. AmnioFix is packed with powerful mesenchymal stem cells and offers a good alternative for patients who are not interested in surgery or steroid injections. It is also a viable treatment option for those who have not found relief through more conservative options like physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and bracing.

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